Crazy Living Rock

From gristlist

“The fact that this sea creature looks exactly like a rock with guts is not even the weirdest thing about it. It’s also completely immobile like a rock — it eats by sucking in water and filtering out microorganisms — and its clear blood mysteriously secretes a rare mineral called vanadium. Also, it’s born male, becomes hermaphroditic at puberty, and reproduces by tossing clouds of sperm and eggs into the surrounding water and hoping they knock together. Nature, you are CRAZY.”


Life on Other Worlds

Frank R Paul may just be my favorite science fiction illustrator from the first half of the 20th century.

His work appeared on the cover of the first issue (April 1926) of Amazing Stories.

Here are some wonderful images he created illustrating life on other worlds in our solar system:

From a Life on Other Worlds website and UBERSUPER

Alien Encounters: two part television program from Science Channel

“In two dramatic hours, Alien Encounters lays out a plausible hypothetical scenario for a first contact event. What would really happen if we got a message from space? How will humans react when we learn a spacecraft is on its way to Earth? Will humans learn from aliens, or become colonial subjects?”  MORE