Strange Attractors in Buffalo, NY April 6 – 7 2013

Jasdeep Khaira and Suzie Silver are bringing Strange Attractors to the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair April 6th 12pm – 6pm and 7th 11am to 5pm.  The event will take place at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, 453 Porter Avenue, Buffalo NY.

This event is FREE and open to the public!


Following the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair, join us Sunday April 7 at 7pm at Hallwalls, 341 Delaware Ave., Buffalo NY. Pittsburgh-based artists Suzie Silver and Jasdeep Khaira present highlights from Strange Attractors: Investigations in Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities.   The book, which features over 70 artists, writers, and filmmakers, includes a DVD from which the co-curators will present an hour of shorts, featuring Peggy Ahwesh, Jacob Ciocci, Darrin Martin/Torsten Burns and Shana Moulton (whose Green Portal 43 is pictured here). Silver will also read excerpts from the short story Donkey Show.

Suggested Donation: $5.00

Strange Attractors at LA Art Book Fair, Feb. 1-3, 2013

If you are in Los Angeles during the first weekend of February come visit us in ZINE WORLD at the Geffen Contemporary during the LA Art Book Fair! All three curators/editors of Strange Attractors: Investigations in Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexuality will be there. Come say “Hi!” and get your very own copy.  On Sunday, February 3 at 1pm you can watch all the videos from Strange Attractors in the ZINE WORLD Theater.

For more information:

Watch the new Strange Attractors Book Trailer!

I’m Too Big But I Love To Play

Fascinating short story by James Tiptree Jr./Alice Sheldon about an immense amorphous alien being who, during a visit to earth, unintentionally wreaks havoc.  From his/her short story collection, Ten Thousand Light Years From Home (1973)

“You can understand why a system would seek information – but why in hell does it offer information? Why do we strive to be understood? Why is a refusal to accept communication so painful?”


Crazy Living Rock

From gristlist

“The fact that this sea creature looks exactly like a rock with guts is not even the weirdest thing about it. It’s also completely immobile like a rock — it eats by sucking in water and filtering out microorganisms — and its clear blood mysteriously secretes a rare mineral called vanadium. Also, it’s born male, becomes hermaphroditic at puberty, and reproduces by tossing clouds of sperm and eggs into the surrounding water and hoping they knock together. Nature, you are CRAZY.”