Sector General

Here’s the Wikipedia entry for the Sector General series by James White. These are amazing tales of interactions with all sorts of aliens in a giant floating space hospital.  Think ER with characters and situations you could never imagine!  Fantastic!

All the stories are still in print and available as omnibus editions.

Memoirs of a Space Woman

Contains some truly imaginative (and some not so imaginative) descriptions of aliens and their natural settings and behaviors.  The author was 63 years old when she wrote it. In some ways it is a bit dated but still a strange and delightful read!

From the back cover:
A Classic of science fiction (from 1962), in which for the first time sex and science intermingle with often hilarious results.  Mary is a communications expert, passionate and compassionate about the strange and often unnerving life forms she encounters on her travel to distant galaxies.  Non-interference is the code, but emotional and erotic entanglements cannot always be avoided, and scientific detachment is not always easy to maintain.  Mary explores her own sexuality, with colleagues and with friends such as the hermaphroditic Martian, Vly. The result is a critical look at earth-bound morality and a marvelously entertaining tale of one woman’s bizarre adventures in worlds unlike our own.