Are We Alone? Science radio for thinking species

Are We Alone?

Of special interest, their program from February 15, 2010: Sex and the SETI

From their “About” page:

“Could there be life-forms on worlds far beyond the bounds of Earth?

The search for life as we don’t know it begins with understanding life as we do.

From amoebas to androids to antimatter, Are We Alone? weaves together humor and compelling interviews into themed programs about the biggest ideas in evolutionary biology, genetics, paleontology, technology, and physics – as well as cosmology and astronomy.

Are you a doubting Thomas? You’ll have plenty of company as we separate science from pseudoscience and the facts from the phony in Skeptic Check, our monthly look at critical thinking.

Are We Alone? is a one-hour program, produced by the SETI Institute and broadcast and podcast every week. The show can be found on iTunes, Juice, and other podcast sites. Radio stations carrying the program are listed on our Listening page.”


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